Qatari-Omani Cooperation: Further Strengthening Integration and Partnership

Qatari-Omani Cooperation: Further Strengthening Integration and Partnership

Following a recent visit to Qatar, the Deputy Minister of Trade, Industry and Investment of Oman, Assila bint Salem bin Suleiman Al Samsamiya, confirmed that the purpose of her visit is to strengthen the integration and partnership between the two states in the field of trade and investment, as well as review the countries' national strategies.

In accordance with the national strategy of Oman until 2040, Qatar is one of the priority areas for partnership. At the same time, the country intends to expand cooperation in the field of the logistics sector, tourism, manufacturing and renewable energy sources, the use of natural resources in the country, as well as the economic sector of the state of Qatar.

In order to develop business in Muscat, a Qatari-Omani business forum will be held, in which businessmen and investors from both countries will take part to discuss the investment climate and available economic opportunities. Oman also expressed its readiness to provide investment incentives to Qatari businessmen in trade, tourism, banking, industry and other sectors. Particular attention will be paid to organizing a joint association of business women from Oman and Qatar.

In 2021, the volume of intra-regional trade between Qatar and Oman amounted to about 4.5 billion rials, and the state of Oman itself topped the ranking of Qatar's private sector trading partners in terms of export volume in the same year.

At the moment, about 200 Omani companies operate in the Qatari market, operating with Omani capital, and about 200 other companies are in partnership with Qatari representative offices and operate in such sectors as: trade, contracts, services, hospitality, energy, maintenance.