Qatari-Nigerian cooperation: results of the meeting

Qatari-Nigerian cooperation: results of the meeting

On Friday, the Qatari-Nigerian Economic Forum was held in Abuja. Qatar confirmed its intention to invest $500 billion by the end of the year.

The event was attended not only by officials, but also by representatives of various non-economic sectors: agricultural, construction, transport, as well as various businessmen.

Thanks to the forum, sponsored by the State Bank of Qatar, many investors have had the opportunity to start cooperation with foreign colleagues. The final goal of the event was to create a platform for participants, which is aimed at strengthening bilateral economic and political ties.

At the same time, previously, at the beginning of the week, a meeting of Qatari and Nigerian manufacturers was held in Lagos. She initiated a plan to expand trade relations and invest in the science and technology sector. The Nigerian side noted the need for cooperation in the field of renewable energy sources, leather technologies, the development of vaccines, and the development of space technologies.

Qatar noted that engagement with Nigeria would help the country further diversify its economy to open up the African market for both exports and imports.