An exchange is a meeting place of the buyer and the seller. It is also a place where you may get an idea of the goods value. On exchanges, financial assets and real goods (such as oil, grain, agricultural crops) are sold. The exchange is regulated by numerous authorities; you are not allowed to make purchases on the exchange directly, unless you have a special accreditation on a specific exchange, in other cases all the transactions are conducted through a broker. All transactions conducted on the exchange are supervised by a regulator. After that, everyone gets what they wanted: the seller gets the money, and the buyer gets the goods.

Nowadays, various sites of such description operate across the globe. All exchanges may be classified by to their diverse distinguishing features.

The commodity exchange is an exchange for trade in commodities. Various sites of such description trade in agricultural products, precious metals, and even oil. One of the partners of the International Center for Business Assistance is Antalya Commodity Exchange.

Antalya Commodity Exchange was established on 23 June 1920. Nowadays, it is the third oldest exchange in Turkey.

The exchange was adapted to Law No. 655 in 1924, Law No. 4355 in 1944, Law No. 5590 in 1950 and received the honorable title of the Antalya region.