Cooperation rules

The rules for cooperation with ICBA are quite simple and available for any individual or legal entity willing to enter the international business environment. First of all, you need to evaluate your abilities and decide for yourself whether you see yourself in the universe of the International Center for Business Assistance as a client or as an agent.

ICBA clients are:

  • Manufacturers
  • Trading companies
  • Potential buyers in search for goods and services
  • Companies offering their services and interested in expanding their international client base
  • Investors seeking out profitable investment opportunities
  • Project holders looking for investments

In the ICBC universe, an agent may be either an individual or a legal entity located in different parts of the globe and having sufficient connections and operating experience to be useful in building up business relations in specific territories (Turkey, Bulgaria, Qatar, etc.) or their parts. ICBA and its agent exchange information on an ongoing basis. An agent should provide applications from companies located in its territory and process applications received from ICBA within its territory. Agents are our representatives, so we verify them with special care. One of the preferences of an ICBA agent is receiving the most important information straight from the source, as well as an opportunity to work with exclusive contracts. The ICBA universe provides its clients with numerous options for cooperation, from the classic B2B using our platform to an individual solution for business tasks set by a client. At the moment, the cases displayed in the ICBA platform are available to the business communities of Turkey, Qatar, Syria, and regions of South Africa. Cooperation is possible at any level, depending on the depth of ICBA immersion in your issue.

ICBA participants are companies offering their services in various areas: from full contract management to local logistic, legal, financial, and audit services. The universe participants use the support of ICBA in promoting their offers to potential customers. By becoming a member of our community, you will get access to all events held by ICBA strategic partners, and direct access to the business communities of the areas that we supervise. To become an ICBA participant, you need to register in the site, select your status, fill out the document forms, make a request, and gain access to all the non-public information on the site, as well as an opportunity to post your case.