Chicken meat production
Chicken meat production
We are the supplier for broiler hatching eggs; broiler 1 day old chick; Lohmann Layer Hatching eggs white and brown; Lohmann Layer 1 day old Chick White and Brown. We have the latest technology slaughterhouse for producing the highest quality chicken products fresh and frozen.
HASTAVUK GIDA TARIM HAY. SAN. TIC. A.S. Sale of chicken meat and eggs.
The Hastavuk company was founded in 1972. The main activity of the first years was the supply of feed for the poultry sector. Since the 1980s, Hastavuk has been working in all areas of poultry production from eggs of parent stock to laying hens and broiler chickens, from juveniles and feed to the production of chicken meat. Hastavuk built is the largest parent stock company under a single roof in Europe and Turkey with it’s hatchery capacity. Hastavuk keeps holding to sector under control with producing %70 of Turkey’s layer chicks. Hastavuk with it’s years of experience and expertise; has the well deserved honor of being the first to export livestock to a new country, entering markets never entered before, and having the highest rates of export in it’s field. For today Hastavuk has made export to more than 34 different countries from Turkey. Hastavuk produce chicken meat productions in own Slaughterhouse which is located in Susurluk with highest and unique technologiest. Hastavuk able to slaught per a hour 14.000 chicken. Slaughtering has done by hand with following Islamic rules conditions. Hastavuk produces all goods HALAL and prove it with certificates. Hastavuk use Aeroscalder system for feathering. This system that has earned the “Golden Innovation” award in Europe is used in Turkey for the first time by HasTavuk. In this system the feathers of the chicken are softened not by keeping them in hot water but by creating a separate air currant for every chicken. With the enriched air current that is maintained at cert ain temperature and humidity given to each chicken separately, the production of chickens are obtained without the chickens touching one another; therefore without any risk of bacteria interaction or contamination. Furthermore, with this system the halal slaughter principles are obtained fully. Also cooling chickens process completing without water use. It means chickens weight before slaughter and after slaughter are totally same and meat taste is more natural. Hastavuk producing fresh and frozen products which is include whole chicken, leg, drumstick, fillet, wings, upper /lower back, liver and gizzards, paws and so on.
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